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Term 3, Week 5

PBL: Remote Learning Badge Criteria and Reflection explanation

Badge Criteria

The Very Blue Thingamajig

Watch the story The Very Blue Thingamajig. Draw a picture on paper of 'The Very Blue Thingamajig'. 

Sight Words

Practice reading the sight words for this week everyday.

Water Safety

Digital Technology: Sequencing stories

In your booklet you will find a page about the Three Little Pigs. Let's see if Miss M can sequence the story using first, next, then and last.


This video will help you complete the history activity page in your booklet.

Mathematics- Halves

Learn all about halves with Mrs Hyde. 

Storytime- Same, but Little Bit Diff'rent

Watch the story Same, but Little Bit Diff'rent on Story Box Library.

2D Shapes


Unique, Special and YOU! Lets celebrate difference through art and story telling with The Very Blue Thingamajig.