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Term 3, Week 5

Hello M-Yellow and welcome to week 5 of remote learning!


Week 5 Announcements

Week 5 work packs will have either arrived to your home address or are on their way soon. The work packs will remain available to download and print from the M-Yellow pages for every week starting Monday morning. 

No new resources will be delivered over to your home address apart from the work pack itself - further work resources will either be included in the work pack, emailed to you or set as an activity link on Seesaw. 

Click on the link below to start downloading M-Yellow's week 5 home learning pack: 


Term 3 PBL update: school badges

Please watch the video below to see how you, a student of M-Yellow, can work towards your bronze, silver or gold school badge this term!

Click below to download the school badge criteria - for achieving bronze, silver or gold level badges this term:


Click below to download the badge reflections to be completed by the end of week 5. Your completed reflection can be posted as a photo on Seesaw:


Videos for this week's learning can be found below: 

Week 5 home learning pack: 

Spelling words & sort - Mason & Tyler:  

Spelling words & sort - Makayla & Nichcha: 

Spelling words & sort - Rohan & Travis:  

Geography - with Ms. Dalton: 

Writing - Roll a silly sentence 3:

Writing - Sentence boundaries & speech marks: 

Maths - Comparing 2-digit numbers OR 4-digit numbers:  

Maths - Addition and subtraction word problems: 

Maths - Elapsed time (board game): 


Links to our key learning websites required for this week's learning are found below:

Seesaw - https://web.seesaw.me/ 

Mathletics - https://www.mathletics.com/au/

Literacy Planet - https://www.literacyplanet.com/

Wushka - https://wushka.com.au/

Storyline Online - https://storylineonline.net/

Storybox Library - https://storyboxlibrary.com.au/

#Education Live (Department of Education) - #Education Live                   

Squiz Kids - News podcasts for kids (great to listen to while working on a learning task!) - https://www.squizkids.com.au/


Please keep your feedback and messages going this week and thank you for your regular video and photo uploads sent on Seesaw! Families can continue to keep in contact through emailSeesawClassDojo or phone calls


Happy learning M-Yellow and stay tuned to this web page and the school website page for further updates!

Mr. Dowling, Ms. Dalton & Miss. Kate