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Walking school bus

Lethbridge Park Public School introduced our Walking School Bus program in Term 4 2016. The Walking School Bus provides a safe and convenient way for children to travel to school. It helps to improve health and well-being through walking and talking with other children, and provides an opportunity for children to learn road sense and traffic safety.

We currently have 3 walking routes that the Walking School Bus follows each day. There are two school staff that walk each route. Staff are wearing pink vest with ‘Walking School Bus' on the back and use a triangle chime to indicate that they are approaching, one is the ‘driver' of the bus and walks in front whilst the other walks at the back to ensure safety. The Walking School Bus picks up 'passengers' along the way.

Our current routes cover the following streets:

Route 1

Leave school at 8:15 am. Take the walkway to Marquesa Crescent, corner of Mendana Street; Mariana Crescent to Manila Road, Manila Road to Melanesia Avenue; Melanesia Avenue to school – arriving approximately 8:40 am.

Route 2

Leave school at 8:10 am to Luxford Road underpass; turn left Luxford Road to Fiji Avenue; turn right into Fiji Avenue then right into Lingayen Avenue; Lingayen Avenue to Lucena Crescent; Lucena Crescent to Luzon Avenue; Luzon Avenue to park at Lucena Crescent; Lucena Crescent to Fiji Avenue; Fiji Avenue to Luxford Road; Luxford Road to Luxford Road underpass to school – arriving 8:45 am approximately.

Route 3

Leave school at 8:10 am to Luxford Road underpass; turn right from Luxford Road underpass to Hawaii Avenue; turn left into Waitaki Street to Wangaroa Crescent; Wangaroa Crescent to Rotorua Street; Rotorua Street to Waitaki Street; Waitaki Street to Hawaii Avenue; Hawaii Avenue to Luxford Road underpass – arriving 8:40 am approximately.

The Walking School Bus program is for K-4 students only, however parents and Year 5 and 6 students are welcome to walk along with the bus to the school. The Walking School Bus is available every day, unless it is raining. It is advisable that parents ring the school to confirm if the bus is operating on wet days. There is room for 16 children on each bus. There is no cost involved in the program. 

It is envisaged that the Walking School Bus program will continue in 2017, however the routes may vary according to parent interest.

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