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Term 3, Week 7

Badge Reflection

Badge Criteria

The Rainbow Fish

Watch the story The Rainbow Fish. Tell someone in your family about your favourite part. Then answer the comprehension questions about the book.

Sight Words

Practice reading the sight words for this week everyday.


Travelling Safely

Mathematics- Subitising

Learn all about subisiting small collections with Mrs Hyde. 



Join Miss Morgan to get active and have fun with an I spy game.



Additional activity ideas

Miss Carroll gives you ideas on additional activities you can do when you have finished the booklet for the day. These activities are all online and require a device. 

Decoding Strategy for Reading: Chunky Monkey

Mrs McDonell explains the Chunky Monkey strategy that can be used to figure out tricky words when reading.


Mathematics- Position 

Join Mrs Hyde and learn how to use positional language to describe the position of objects.


Mathematics- Left and right

Get active and have fun with this left and right movement game.

Storytime- Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale

Watch another story about The Rainbow Fish.