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Mr Malla

Mr Malla has been teaching at Lethbridge Park Public School since 2020. He is the Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Instruction, responsible for supporting strong instructional leadership and coordinating professional learning for teachers, monitoring student outcomes in literacy and numeracy, and supporting families to be key partners in student learning. Prior to commencing this role in 2022, Mr Malla was the Assistant Principal for Stage 2 and taught Year 3 for 2 years.

Mr Malla commenced his teaching career in 2009, starting at Rissalah College in Lakemba. From 2010 to 2014, he taught Years 2 and 3 at Auburn West Public School and in 2012, was promoted to Assistant Principal. He also spent 2 years performing the role of teacher mentor, supporting a large team of Stage 2 teachers and working shoulder-to-shoulder with them to improve their professional practice. From 2015 to 2019, Mr Malla was Assistant Principal at Chipping Norton Public School, teaching and supervising Stage 2 classes during this time (with the exception of Stage 1 in 2018).

Mr Malla holds a Bachelor of Education (Primary Education) (Honours) and a Master of Education (Educational Management and Leadership), both from The University of Sydney. Throughout his career, Mr Malla has been and continues to be committed to improving the outcomes and educational experiences of students and supporting school improvement by leading and mentoring teachers to develop and refine their approaches to teaching and learning. He has a passion for school excellence and improvement, and in 2013 received the Minister's Award for Excellence in Teaching, in recognition for his efforts in leading quality outcomes for students and teachers. Mr Malla is a member of the Primary Executive Network (PEN) West professional learning committee, as well as the Network of Innovation and Inquiry (NOII) NSW leadership committee.

Fun Facts about Mr Malla

  • Favourite food: anything Italian 🍝 🍕
  • Favourite animal: elephant 🐘
  • Favourite book: The Tomorrow series by John Marsden
  • Favourite film: The Sound of Music 🎶
  • Favourite animated film: The Lion King 🦁
  • Favourite pastimes: reading, bushwalking, music, cooking, gardening
  • Favourite singer: Mariah Carey
  • Favourite subjects to teach: English and mathematics
  • Can't live without: coffee ☕
  • Star sign: Virgo ♍
  • Chinese zodiac sign: the tiger 🐅


email: sarokhan.malla2@det.nsw.edu.au