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Term 3, Week 2

Watch the story With Nan on Story Box Library. Draw a picture on paper to show what you like to do with your grandma (or grandparent).

Sight words 

Practice reading the sight words for this week everyday.

Speaking and Listening

Learn how to play 'Would you rather' with Mrs McDonell.

Digital Technologies

Learn how to sequence the days of the week with Miss Morgan.
Days of the week:
1. Sunday
2. Monday
3. Tuesday
4. Wednesday
5. Thursday
6. Friday
7. Saturday

Reading- Vocabulary

Join Mrs Hyde to complete some activities related to the focus text With Nan.

National Geographic Kids

Look at some photographs of camouflaged animals on National Geographic Kids. See if you can identify the hidden animals. 

The number 10!

Drama task cards

Story time: The Little Green House

Miss Morgan was told this story when she was in kindergarten by her mum. The story has been changed a little to include some of our feelings during lockdown. 

Join Miss Morgan to find a magical green house.

Mathematics- Money

Join Mrs Hyde and play a game of 'Money Matching'.