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Term 3, Week 9

Sunday Chutney

Watch the story Sunday Chutney. Describe Sunday Chutney to someone in your family.

Sight Words

Practice reading the sight words for this week everyday.


Health: Playground Safety

Mrs McDonell shows how to complete the playground safety task for this week. Stay watching to the end for a fun activity!

Digital technology- Sequencing

We have been learning all about sequencing this term. Lets see what we know now!


Feelings Check In on Seesaw

Learn how to complete the feelings check in on Seesaw with Mrs McDonell.

Celebrations: My Perfect Gift


Storytime- Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley

Watch the story Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley. Then in your booklet draw and write about the things you do to be a good friend. 

Mathematics- Making Patterns at home

What can you find around your house to help you practice making patterns?

Handwriting: Orange house


Mathematics- Days of the week

Join Mrs Hyde to learn all about the days of the week.

Days of the week

Sing along to the 'Days of the Week Song'.


All About Me- Likes and Dislikes

Watch the video 'All About Me- Likes and Dislikes'. Then in your booklet complete the worksheet.